Sunday, April 15, 2012

And the winner is...

An appreciative cohort of air guitar supporters turned out last night for the Second Annual Syracuse Air Guitar competition. A few familiar faces were back in the artistically blended, fog-bedecked spotlights: Ken Keech, last year's second-place finisher as Satan's Closet, was our host for the evening, and Cornelius Airelius astounded the audience once again with a one-minute meditation on the meaning of power chords.

It was a dramatic, close, and hard-fought battle to the finish. But ultimately, it was one of the five newcomers to competitive air guitar that would triumph: Brianna Ruth, tied with Cornelius after the first round, vaulted to first place in the compulsories. She will go on to represent her adopted home of Syracuse in the US air guitar regional competition this summer.

But she needs your help, readers!! Who can come up with the best air name for our hairoine? Post your suggestions here!

Thanks again to our host and celebrity judges. Also to The Sound Garden and Wings Over Syracuse for the prizes and food, and to SU's Office of the Chancellor, Arts Adventure Learning Community, and Department of Art & Music Histories in the College of Arts & Sciences for sponsoring the event.

Final places and composite scores:

1. Brianna Ruth (34.7)
2. Cornelius Airelius (34.5)
3. C-Rap (34.0)
4. Tony Airommi (33.9)
5. Tallahassee Montana (33.7)
6. Jello B. Pudding (33.6)

Scores, please?

Ken and Brianna anxiously await the results that turned out to catapult the first-time air guitarist to Syracuse gold.

The judges appear to like it

I think the judges were pleased with the quality of the performers this year. Or maybe it was just that the Red House now serves beer.


All of Syracuse loves Fugazi hits played on ukelele. At least that's what members of the tribute band Fugulele tell me. In honor of the event, this night they played both air and there ukes.


Surprise last-minute contestant C-Rap amazed the follicularly challenged in the room with his scarily accurate Metallica interpretation.

Jello B. Pudding

Jello provided this year's only removal of clothing, without which no air guitar competition would be complete. And he came all the way from Albany to do it!

Brianna Ruth

Brianna Ruth ultimately prevailed through her (a) airness and (b) effective use of '80s hair band moves.